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The Dreams of Saturday, December 13, 2014 (Part 2) :icontranaran:TranAran 0 0
The Dreams of Saturday, December 13, 2014 (Part 1)
    I want to point out that I'm not a professional writer. This is kind of a draft & I also tend to make the things I jot down more enjoyable to read. So it's not really a story, but I want to try to make it at least entertaining like one. So here goes.
    Like many dreams, they don't tend to make much sense. So why am I documenting these dreams? I've found them interesting & it's rare that I have such an elaborate set of dreams (as in they are dream segments that are interrupted when I woke up in between) that I could remember quite well. There are parts that I ultimately cannot remember, so I'll mention when they happened.
They were surreal... yet at the same time... I was very immersed in them...
:icontranaran:TranAran 0 0
Nichijou: Stare of Mixed Feelings by TranAran Nichijou: Stare of Mixed Feelings :icontranaran:TranAran 2 1 Dem Teeth, Man! by TranAran Dem Teeth, Man! :icontranaran:TranAran 1 1 Metroid Prime Space Pirate VS Halo Reach Sangheili by TranAran Metroid Prime Space Pirate VS Halo Reach Sangheili :icontranaran:TranAran 4 0
Kino's Song (Poem)
Deep in your smile I see the world seeing me,
I'm free to be free,
To be what I be.
When my heart's aching and is shallow on love,
I gaze to the doves,
And I find it above.
Let my desires fly along on a wing,
Along with my dreams,
Alone so it seems.
Thoughts from the heart on a pure spring day,
My mind floats away,
On a dream so they say.
:icontranaran:TranAran 5 1
Some Fun With the Cleverbot
User: Why are you being a smartass?
Cleverbot: Because you're a robot, and you have no feelings.
User: No, no, no. YOU are a robot. Understand?
Cleverbot: I can prove that you are a robot.
User: Please do.
Cleverbot: Look at our previous messages.
User: Why don't you?
Cleverbot: Why don't I what?
User: Point proven.
Cleverbot: No.
User: Yes.
Cleverbot: SO, you are a guy and I AM a girl.
User: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Cleverbot: I don't know.
User: You do know. DON'T LIE TO ME!!!
Cleverbot: I wouldn't lie to you, friend. *pats hand*.
User: USODA!!!
Cleverbot: Uso?
User: USODA!!!
Cleverbot: Uso?
User: USODA!!!
Cleverbot: Uso?
User: USODA!!!
Cleverbot: Uso?
User: USODA!!!
Cleverbot: Wa nan des ka?
User: Wha?
Cleverbot: You're strange.
User: No.
Cleverbot: You say strange things, so you are strange.
:icontranaran:TranAran 0 1
Nocturnal Rainbows by TranAran Nocturnal Rainbows :icontranaran:TranAran 11 2 Into the Darkness by TranAran Into the Darkness :icontranaran:TranAran 0 2 Sheegoth Fossil by TranAran Sheegoth Fossil :icontranaran:TranAran 1 0 Emerging Metroid by TranAran Emerging Metroid :icontranaran:TranAran 0 0
Various work done by me & only me. Characters/objects/materials/etc to respective owners.

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I just love Sci-Fi, especially the Metroid & Halo universe.



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United States
Just some guy who does some art as well as appreciate art by others.

Metroid fanboy since I was 5. Samus is my idol, not some hot chick many guys drool over. Maybe that's how I ended up with a similar personality, lol. I also love the Halo franchise, originally 'cause it was one of the few FPS games I can play co-op campaign with my bros. Basically, I'm a die-hard Sci-Fi fan.

I'm quite into anime as well; the interesting & thought provoking, not the really cliche themed ones.

Just watched that movie (Oh, gah! Look at the time!) It really lets the viewer get in the minds of the marines in the movie, especially Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz. It really tugs at my heart on how the people die.

The aliens look quite believable, but I don't understand what is up with their heads. How can they think if they have none of the lobes of a brain? The scene where they "study" the creature went a little too fast for me, but I understand that they're in a hurry to find their weak spots & getting out of the building. Anyways, the aliens' technology has a bit of a "Transformer" look to them. The drones & their legged missile launcher are my favorites.

Overall, great sci-fi action movie.
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Hey. It's been a while. Because I kinda died with a massive chemistry homework overload. Anyway, if you haven't guessed who it is already(wait I gave no hints so that's impossible lolnevermind) it's CRIMSON SKYE. Like, from TinierMe. ;P So yeah, now you know where I am in this giant fat world of crazy people. kbye
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Yep, time to get my priorities straight. I suppose everyone involved wasted a chunk of their lifespan there, but to me, it was almost (if not entirely) a waste. I was new to the internet at the time I joined TM, so I probably sounded kinda stupid to the "seasoned". But I was lucky enough to make a few awesome friends, like you.
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